The College

Brief History of the College

The institution expects its scholars to observe the code of conduct laid down for College students and to inculcate a habit of discipline in them during their stay in the college. This will ultimately shape them into responsible and useful citizens of India .

  1. The college lays special emphasis on the maintenance of discipline and necessary decorum in and outside the class rooms. A Disciplinary committee is formed for the purpose.
  2. Students are expected to be courteous and polite in their dealing with one another and with the employee of the college.
  3. Proper respect should be shown to the teachers and their instructions should be carried out strictly.
  4. Perfect silence should be maintained in the classes, in the reading room and in the verandahs so that none is disturbed in studies and the atmosphere prevailing in the college remains academic.
  5. Movement from one class to another should be orderly. At the end of a period, the incoming students should wait outside till the class room has been completely vacated.
  6. The students should understand that the college property is an asset of the nation and as such its maintenance is as much their duty as that of the administration. Therefore, let not anyone disfigure or damage the furniture or deface the wall with pen, pencil or chalk marks.
  7. In a vacant period, students are advised to utilise their time in the study of magazines, journals and newspapers in the reading room.
  8. Students should inculcate the Queue habit while they go to see the Principal, to pay dues in the Account Office, to get books issued for the Library, etc.
  9. During their stay in the college, students are advised not to make use of ornaments, cosmetics, etc.
  10. The students found guilty of infringement to the above rules of conduct and discipline shall be liable to heavy punishment in the form of fine, withdrawal of concessions and stipends, or even expulsion from the college, depending on the seriousness of the offence.
  11. Toilets/bath rooms for staff and girls are separate. These must be used as such.